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Sliced Agate Mold - Extra Large 9"x9"
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Sliced Agate Mold - Extra Large 9"x9"

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SLICED AGATE EPOXY RESIN MOLD - X-LARGE, Approx 9" X 9"- Large Casting Epoxy Mold To Create Beautiful Realistic Agates

  • SIZE, APPROXIMATELY 9" X 9" (LARGER KITS AVAILABLE, SIZES UP TO 12" & WE OFFER A "BIG DADDY SLICED AGATE" 17" X 22" - visit our "Best of The Best In Decorative Concrete" Amazon Page
  • MOLDS have been created in the likeness of "paint by number" with dividers and designs in each mold for the purpose of keeping all of your colored Epoxies separated and crisp.
  • USE WITH ANY EPOXY PRODUCT, Ours Or any Epoxy On The Market

Advanced tips: 1. Pre Color your Formica countertop with a desired color such as pearlescent white or black. 2. Pour your unique Agates and demold earlier than normal. They must be hard enough to gently grab yet still have a taffy like firmness. 3. make a small batch of epoxy, brush thin layer on backside. Carefully place agate along the bull nose area of the Formica top, allow agate to droop and wrap down edge. Use a heat gun to flatten the edge wrap and to achieve total adhesion. Come back the next day and gently grind the partial circles or use a fine bladed oscillating tool to cut all excess agate pieces so that they all have a straight line matching the bottom of the countertop edge. If you master this area, as a business you can realistically expect to successfully charge up to $120 per square foot in the High End markets. Scottsdale, AZ is a perfect market our way for these wall and countertop finishes.

Sheryl M.
Reviewed in the United States on September 29, 2019
Love the easyness of use. Still trying to figure out what to do with the back sides to make them look better. Thanks you so much for the extra little gifts . Much Appreciated
Mrs. Norma J. Hooks
Reviewed in the United States on December 4, 2019
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